The Pink Bluesman is the story of Floydd Watkins, a black albino musician from the wealthy section of Harlem whose dream was to be a Bluesman and play the real Blues. But the Blues is honest. You can’t fake it.

So Floydd began his quest to meet musicians who lived “the blues” and with them, play the sad music of the soul. And, because of an old musician superstition that says,Playing music with a Black Albino brings good luck”, they all felt “lucky” to play with Floydd.

Along the way, Floydd met Knuckles, a drummer who speaks through the rhythm of his drumbeat, Bessie, a little lady with a big voice, and Ruby, a sax player with six kids. Together they formed Floydd’s Group and were on the threshold of meteoric success.

This story is a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit. The irony is that as a Black Albino who always had good luck, the essence of the Blues eluded Floydd in his music until fate and a cat turned his world upside down.

The story of Floydd Watkins “The Pink Bluesman” and his Band, Floydd’s Group

“The Pink Bluesman” is an original Story with Artwork by Stewart Stewart, Dena Stewart, and Tomata du Plenty.

The text and artwork in the print version brings the story to a more current time in “history”