When you read my book, “Inner Peace … It Isn’t Out There!” you’ll understand why I believe so strongly that family background is the strongest influence in who you are. I guess that’s why I reacted so viscerally to the headlined story about Rachel Dolezal, the former Leader of the NAACP, a white woman who portrayed herself as Black.

It seems the parents of Rachel Dolezal had adopted several African American children. Therefore, Rachel, their natural child was in essence, the “black sheep” in her family. But Rachel went to a Black college and immersed herself in the Black culture. And Rachel excelled at being Black. She became the leader of the NAACP. She did wonderful things to promote Black causes, and she was accepted by the people around her.

So WHY did her estranged parents “out” their daughter now? What did their mean-spirited, self-righteous, public wrecking of their daughter’s credibility accomplish?

To me, it’s obvious why Rachel went to such extremes to reinvent herself. With parents such as hers, now showing their true colors in their abhorrent actions, how could she not?!