Building Bridges … and a Picture of the County

These are two separate projects with the same goals: To understand the people who live and work in the thirteen districts that make up Miami-Dade County and to Build Bridges when events happen that cause these diverse groups to NOT get along.

“…I have been in elevators and “they” will hold their purses extremely close. Their faces become red and I can feel their uneasiness…” buildingbridges-elevatorstory


“…The pressure is ever present. Who am I? Where do I fit in? As a seventeen year old Jamaican/Indian young man, I live these questions every day…” unity


“…When the boat that carried 422 Haitian men, women and children arrived in U.S. shores January 1, 2000, and were all deported without being afforded the right to due process, I was frustrated and angry. When I protested against the double standard in the way we were treated vs. the Cubans, I was told that Haiti was different than Cuba…”boatpeople-bb

“…No, I don’t speak Spanish! This is American and I am an American…”no i don't speak spanish bb